Food Technical Services Training

Our aim is to provide attendees with the skills knowledge and confidence to support, develop and protect the businesses they’re associated with; and to provide business owners and or managers with a more knowledgeable appropriately skilled trained and hopefully, engaged workforce.

Certificated Courses:

  • Follow the nationally recognised REHIS (Royal Environmental Health Institute Scotland) scheme/syllabus, they’re REHIS approved and certificated.
  • Content is designed to suit the attendees workplace/needs; courses are presented face to face, are interactive with group exercises. Exams reflect the grading.
  • Grading is by SCQF (Scottish Credit & Qualifications Framework); to compare SCQF grades with other National schemes, refer to Course detail.  

REHIS Certificated HACCP courses:

HACCP for Caterers, Introductory                           SCQF level 4 equivalent 
HACCP for Food Manufacturing, Elementary     SCQF level 5 (*QCF level 2 HACCP)
HACCP for Food Manufacturing, Intermediate  SCQF level 6 (*QCF level 3 HACCP)
HACCP for Food Manufacturing, Advanced        SCQF level 8 equivalent

REHIS Certificated Food Hygiene/safety courses:

Food Hygiene Introductory   SCQF ungraded
Food Hygiene Elementary     SCQF level 5 (*QCF level 2 Food Hygiene)
Food Hygiene Intermediate  SCQF level 7 (*QCF level 4 Food Hygiene)                      *Note: Scotland use SCQF levels, the rest of the UK use QCF levels.

Other courses

Where there are specific requirements, we develop and present courses dedicated to the client. Examples include: Basic microbiology, Food Labelling, Average weight system, Threat Vulnerability Assessment system, Technical management. Cleaning & disinfection. We also offer Seafish certificated Shellfish Depuration courses.