An International Food and Drink Science and Technology membership organisation. Our membership gives access to an excellent network of technical and international legislation specialists from which we and our clients  undoubtedly benefit.

Grimsby based  “Non-departmental public body” set up to support the UK seafood industry in order to help it thrive. Their training and development department develops and promotes courses. Ian is approved to develop and present HACCP, Food safety/hygiene and Shellfish depuration courses.

The food safety and legality certification scheme established in 2007 by BRC, FDF, BHA, NFU and IFST for small-medium scale manufacturing businesses. Certification enables businesses to access UK retail/foodservice with-out the complexity and cost of the BRC scheme.  As SALSA- IFST approved advisors we provide mentoring to help prepare/train for audit.

The UK’s professional body for Food Scientist and Technologists.  Ian is a Fellow of the IFST, has approval as an advisor and is on the Food Industry Consultant register, a resource used by both national governments and the food  industry as a source of expertise. We abide by the IFST code of conduct and undertake annual professional development assessments.

Scotland’s professional body for Environmental health professions. Food Technical Services have REHIS approval as a training centre to  write and deliver REHIS certificated courses

A source of many of the UK’s graduates of Food Science, Food Technology & Biotechnology; including Ian Meek (1983-1987 – BSc Honours Food Technology). Fellow graduates remain a good source of support.