The business was established in 2007 by Ian Meek:

  • A Food Technologist by Training
  • Technical specialist by experience.  Linkedin profile
  • IFST registered: Food manufacturing  Consultant & Mentor
  • 1987-2006: Meat and Seafood processing: Production and Technical Management – Technical Director roles:

From 2007 – development of the business:

  • Developed a strong support network via affiliations and informal contacts.
  • Completed many hundreds of projects for over 200 clients
  • Clients ranging from micro start-ups to large multi-nationals.
  • Covering broad ranging sectors: catering, health/care, retail, aquaculture, live seafood sale/export, shellfish depuration, food/drink manufacturing:

Supplying high risk/care ready to eat & raw products to UK/export retail/foodservice.

Coordinating new factory construction projects.

Developing with others – New products, processes, systems and effective teams.

Attaining top level accreditations – BRC food std and its predecessor the EFSIS standard.

Cooked/Raw/cured Seafood, Meat/Game.

Processed Vegetables, Grains, Native vegetable oils.

Makers of meat puddings, pates, smoked/dried cured cultured meat charcuterie/fish.

Makers of Dairy product, Cheese, smoked cheese, cream, ice-cream/gelato.

Makers of baked goods, pies, confectionary, soups, sandwiches, ready meals.

Makers of spirits, spirit based fruit drinks, beers, hop extracts, ciders, fruit juices.

Preserves, pickled vegetable/fish/seaweed,  dried seaweeds, spices.

Co-product and By-product processors.

Food Technical Services – Case Studies